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 Compact, Powerful, Secure

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The new TITAN 3 is a result of deploying over 100 Tbox time-lapse cameras over the last 5 years. Feedbacks and improvements were made by our time-lapse specialist and community to create the best time-lapse camera system.

CLEARER BIGGER GLASS scratch resistant & hydrophobic coating allow for use in any environment. The diameter has been increased to 96mm to accommodate more lenses.

BUILT-IN REMOTE UNIT - integrated microprocessor with WiFi /3G/4G remote access. Cooling fins are added for better heat dissipation. 


AIR VENTS  - with particle filtration allows for the internal regulation of heat in a high-temperature environment


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Time-lapse with Canon, Sony & Nikon Cameras

TITAN 3 Basic works with most Canon, Nikon & Sony cameras including popular DSLRs & mirrorless systems like the Canon 80D, 5D, Nikon D3500, D750, and the Sony Alpha A7 series. Check out the list of supported cameras. 

TITAN 3 Camera Fit

TITAN 3 fits most cameras and lenses within the internal box dimension of 160mm x 180mm x 230mm. Large enough to house a full-frame camera like the Canon 5D with a 16-35mm lens. The maximum lens diameter is 96mm, 

PLUS SIZE for big lens

Wanna fit your favorite big wide-angle big lens? The TITAN 3 PLUS is an extension ring that caters to lens diameter of up to 110mm.


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Weather Proof

Made from the Pelican case, the TITAN 3 will withstand years of sun, sand, and storms. We have used the Titan on many projects lasting 3 to 5 years. Rest assured, your camera & lens will be safe inside. 

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Stay Cool

Desert hot temperature is a killer for electronics. TITAN 3 has 2 air vents and a large heat sink to keep the microprocessor and camera functioning properly under extreme weather. 

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WiFi & 4G Enabled

The TITAN 3 is WiFi and SIM Card enabled so you can connect to it remotely, from a desktop or mobile through cellular or WiFi signals. 

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No Monthly Fees

Some of our competitor's time-lapse cameras systems require your footage to be synced & stored in their servers. This comes with a hefty monthly subscription fees that will add up very quickly for long-term time-lapse projects. TITAN 3 can be synced to Google Cloud, which is a safe and affordable storage alternative.

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Live Monitoring & Remote Control

With the TITAN 3 REMOTE, you can "watch" your time-lapse live in action, and remotely adjust your camera settings instantly. Login from a PC or Mac, or a mobile device - anytime, anywhere. 

Instant Storage & Access to Photos

TITAN 3 REMOTE is initially configured to sync to your Google Cloud for image storage. Download the images to your computer for backup and post-production.  Share the images with your clients instantly. Other sync and upload options are available on request.

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Future Proof with 6K & Beyond

Other time-lapse systems record with CCTV or webcam resolution. But TITAN 3 is future proof because it works with Canon DSLRs to capture high-resolution photos to produce awesome 6K videos and beyond.
Read - Why is 4K a must for long-term time-lapse

3 Data Storage Points

With most long-term time-lapse lasting several years, protecting your precious images is paramount. The captured images are kept in the TITAN 3 micro-processor and synced to your Google Cloud. Next, you can download the images to your local storage for your secondary backup. 

titan 3 timelapse - 3 points of storage.
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Light & Efficient Solar Panels

We provide the latest mono-crystalline solar panels that are semi-flexible and lightweight. This allows for easier installation on site. The 2 x 40W panels require about 4 to 6 hours of sunlight every day to keep the TITAN 3 running 24/7. In case of prolonged bad weather, the battery unit can last 4 days without charging.

Universal Mounting System

TITAN 3 uses a uniform mounting bracket for the time-lapse camera, solar charger & solar battery unit. The bracket is adaptable for column mount, pole mount, and wall mount. So you spend less time worrying about installation and more time making great time-lapse videos.

TITAN 3 Basic - AC

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TITAN 3 Basic - Solar

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Solar Unit


TITAN 3 Remote - AC

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TITAN 3 Remote - Solar

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Solar Unit


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Titan 3 timelapse-solar icon.png
Titan 3 timelapse-AC icon.png
Titan 3 timelapse-remote icon.png
4G / WiFi
Remote Unit
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Titan 3 timelapse-remote icon.png
4G / WiFi
Remote Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras does the TITAN 3 support?

The TITAN 3 Basic supports these cameras. * Please note that with Sony Cameras, you will need to install an additional WiFi device.
Do note that Skyshot have deployed more than 100 Canon DSLRs for our time-lapse projects over the last 7 years. We are primarily Canon camera users. We have done limited testing with several Sony & Nikon cameras on our system.

What types of lenses can be used?

The TITAN 3 (housing) can only fit lenses with diameters of 96mm or smaller. The length of the camera & attached lens should not exceed 160mm.
*Do note that some fisheye lens have a super field of view and it may not fit the lens opening entirely.

What are the camera settings for shooting long-term time-lapse?

There are no pre-determined camera settings for TITAN 3 to function. However, here is our recommendation when we produce a time-lapse of a building construction.
- Aperture priority
- 15 minutes interval
- Lens on manual focus
- Auto white balance
- Center - Weight metering

How long can the solar panels last?

The TITAN 3 can to run 24/7 on solar power without AC, as long as the solar panel is able to recharge for at least 4 to 6 hours under uninterrupted full sunlight. The internal power can last up to an estimated 3 to 4 days while shooting at 15-minute intervals with a 3 hourly sync via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network.
*Please note that continuous overcast sky or rainy weather for more than 3 to 4 days at a stretch could affect the recharging. Charging the systems using AC power is advised.

What is the maximum shooting and upload frequency?

The Titan2 software can be set from “1 photo per 3 seconds” to “1 photo per hour” depending on your time-lapse requirements. You can also determine the time of the day to start and end recording. However, the uploading speed is determined by your WiFi / 4G bandwidth and file size. So a short shooting interval (like 1 photo / min), the photo may not be able to upload in time before the next photo is taken. For this reason, our long-term time-lapse filming interval is usually 15 mins.

Can I shoot RAW?

Yes, you can shoot and sync in RAW and JPEG formats. However, RAW files are huge, so do consider the upload time, storage cost and data charges.

What is the weatherproof rating?

The TITAN 3 is rated at IP53.

Can I increase the data storage space in TITAN 3

Yes, you can. There is a USB 3 slot in TITAN 3 micro-processor for external storage options. We recommend using an industrial grade thumbdrive which can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Does my Data SIM Card work with the Titan2 Remote?

The Titan2 remote system can work with 3G/4G/GSM/HSDPA/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA and operates at frequencies of 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz.
If you are not sure about your data plan, please check with your service provider if they support the follow on their network.

What happens to the photos if the WiFi or 4G networks is down?

The primary storage in the micro-processor is independent of the 3G/4G or WiFi network. The TITAN 3 automatically store the images on the internal storage after every shot.

Do I have full remote access to my camera to change or adjust the camera settings?

The Digicam software allows the user to remotely adjust all settings on the camera display – including the shooting intervals, exposure, shutter speed, F-stop, etc. However, the shooting mode and the manual lens focus should be fixed when you set up the time-lapse camera.

Can the camera Live View be turned on 24/7

You can activate the remote “Live View” periodically to check on the system. But the Titan2 system is a DSLR based system. It is not build to work like a CCTV system which allows users to stream video for long periods of time.

Can I use a fisheye lens?

There are many fisheye lenses that will fit the TITAN 3 internal dimensions. However, some fisheye lens have a fix petal hood design that make it impossible for the lens to get close enough to the TITAN 3 glass. The edges of the TITAN 3 glass frame may be seen in camera image as a result. Some other fisheye lens will require a round dome to accomodate the wide focal length, but our glass is flat. For these reasons, we don't reccommend using fish-eye lenses.


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