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 Compact, Simple, Secure

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Introducing the Titan X - the best DSLR time-lapse camera system available in the market. Our time-lapse specialists have deployed and sold over 250 Tbox time-lapse cameras worldwide in the past 10 years. With constant improvements, we have successfully developed the Titan X to meet all your time-lapse photography needs. Tbox is a trusted brand for construction cameras globally.

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Image Photo Viewer

The Titan X captures photos in regular shooting intervals & sends the images to our Tbox server. You can view and download low-res time-lapse photos from the Photo Viewer via

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Photo Viewer App


Live View

Efficient & Robust Minicomputer

Titan X minicomputer is the brain that transforms the Canon camera into a time-lapse camera system. The Titan X software has been completely re-coded so it is smarter, more stable, and more power efficient. 

The integrated heat sink design keeps the processor cool even at extremely hot conditions up to 50 °C. 

 Titan X timelapse - mini-computer copy.jpg
Titan X timelapse camera air vent plug.gif

Air Vents to Stop Condensation 

A totally airtight case is bad for time-lapse systems. The humidity and the temperature difference with the exterior environment will cause condensation on the camera lens and shorten the life of the electronics as well. So we have included an air vent plug at the bottom of the Titan X. This valve allows the box to breathe and equalize with the exterior temperature. But it is also a one-way valve, so water and dust cannot enter.

Future Proof with 6K & Beyond

Other time-lapse systems record with CCTV or webcam resolution. But Titan X is future-proof because it works with Canon DSLRs to capture high-resolution photos to produce awesome 6K videos and beyond.
Read - Why is 4K a must for long-term time-lapse

Titan3 timelapse camera 4K.jpg
Faulty Cam Alert
timelapse camera phone alert background.jpg
tbox-timelapse phone alert.gif

Fault Alert System 

The Titan X server will automatically send an alert message to your phone via Whatsapp, if no image is received from your time-lapse camera. Thus, you can rest assured that your camera functions as it should.

All Weather housing

Made from an IP-66 metal casing, the Titan X will withstand years of sun, sand, and storms. We have used the Titan series on hundreds of construction projects lasting several years. Rest assured, your camera & lens will be safe inside. 

Titan X timelapse 4g.png

4G & WiFi Connection

The Titan X is 4G enabled with a SIM Card so you can connect to it remotely from a desktop or mobile through a cellular network. It can also be connected to a local WiFi network with a USB WiFi dongle (not included)

Titan X energy-saving.png

Power Efficient

Titan X minicomputer is programmed with power efficiency in mind. It lets you shoot time-lapse for up to 5 days with a 40AH Lead acid battery alone.

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Easy Setup with Tbox App

The Titan X brain is pre-programmed to connect to our server, so you don't have to do the dirty work. Use the Tbox App to set the camera interval recording, test shot, and sync to the server.

tbox setup -android app.png

Titan X Setup App Download

titan X timelapse storage to cloud & server.png

Secured Storage in Our Server & Cloud

With most long-term time-lapses lasting several years; protecting your precious images is paramount. The images from Titan X are sent via 4G cellular data to our secured server. The server sends copies of the original photos to a Data Cloud like Google Cloud for your access. The low-res photos are available for your viewing and download via

TBOX Server & Cloud Storage 

Our robust cloud ecosystem helps you manage your shooting, monthly reporting, and post-production. The server sends automated fault alert messages to our team if any time-lapse systems are down. The server also down-res the images for our Photo Viewer and uploads the original high-res photos to your Google Drive.

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TitanX timelapse camera-main.png

Limited Sets
us$1600 (excl. camera)
FREE 6 months subscription worth $600

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Time-lapse with Canon DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

Titan X works with Canon DSLRs like the Canon 200D ii, 750D, 800D, 850D, 2000D. It also works with Canon mirrorless systems like the EOS R & R6.

titan X- dimensions.png
TitanX timelapse camera-front dimensions.png

Titan X Camera Fit

Titan X fits Canon cameras and lenses within the internal box dimension of 230(L) x 170(W) x 110(H)mm. The maximum lens diameter is 90mm.

Universal Mounting System

Titan X uses a uniform mounting bracket for the time-lapse camera & solar battery unit. The bracket is adaptable for column, pole, and wall mounts. So you spend less time worrying about installation and more time making great time-lapse videos.

titan timelapse universal clamps 3.png
solar panel background -tbox timelapse.jpg

Solar Power Kit

Titan X can be powered by a solar panel & batteries with 4 to 6 hours of sunlight daily. We recommend using an 80W to 100W solar panel to keep it running 24/7.

The Tbox Solar Power Kit includes all cables & accessories that are needed to connect a 12V lead-acid battery to your solar panel (both not included). The box is large enough to fit a 40AH lead-acid battery pack. In prolonged bad weather, the battery unit can last 4 to 5 days without charging.

  • What types of lenses can be used?
    The TITAN X housing can fit lenses with 96mm or smaller diameters. The length of the camera & attached lens should be at most 230mm. We highly recommend using lenses that focus ring with a hard stop. This will prevent the auto-focus function from "focus searching". *Do note that some fisheye lenses have a super field of view, and it may not fit the lens opening entirely.
  • Can I use a fisheye lens?
    There are many fisheye lenses that will fit the TITAN 3 internal dimensions. However, some fisheye lens have a fix petal hood design that make it impossible for the lens to get close enough to the TITAN 3 glass. The edges of the TITAN 3 glass frame may be seen in camera image as a result. Some other fisheye lens will require a round dome to accomodate the wide focal length, but our glass is flat. For these reasons, we don't reccommend using fish-eye lenses.
  • What are the camera settings for shooting long-term time-lapse?
    There are no pre-determined camera settings for Titan X to function. However, here is our recommendation when we produce a time-lapse for building construction projects lasting more than 6 months. - Aperture priority - 15-minute interval - Lens on manual focus - Auto white balance - Center - Weight metering For a more detailed explanation, you can read
  • What size solar panels & batteries are recommended?
    A 100W solar panel with a 40AH battery for most projects will be ideal. The TITAN X consumes around 8AH of battery every day. It can run 24/7 on solar power without AC, as long as the solar panel is able to recharge for at least 4 to 6 hours under uninterrupted full sunlight. *Please note that continuous overcast sky or rainy weather for more than 3 to 4 days at a stretch could affect the recharging. Charging the systems using AC power is advised.
  • What is the maximum shooting and upload frequency?
    The Titan X software can be set from “1 photo per minute” to “1 photo per hour,” depending on your time-lapse requirements. However, the uploading speed is determined by your 4G bandwidth and file size. So a short shooting interval (like 1 photo/min), the photo may not be able to upload in time before the next photo is taken. For this reason, our long-term time-lapse filming interval is usually 10 mins.
  • Can I shoot RAW?
    No, we don't encourage shooting in RAW formats. The files sizes are huge, and the upload time, storage cost, and data charges will be astronomical.
  • What is the weatherproof rating?
    The TITAN X housing is rated at IP66.
  • Does Titan X record internally?
    No, it can't. The Canon camera cannot record on the SD card when it is connected to the Titan X minicomputer. The Titan X minicomputer doesn't record internally as well.
  • Does my Data SIM Card work with the Titan X?
    The Titan X system can work with 4G LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B28/B66/B38/B40/B41 3G WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 4G LTE CAT4 150Mbps The supported regions are : America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia If you need clarification on your data plan, please check with your service provider if they support the following on their network.
  • What happens to the photos if the 4G network is down?
    When the 4G network is down, the TITAN X will automatically store the photos in the internal storage. Once the 4G signal is available, it will upload the photos to our server.
  • Can Titan X work with my local WiFi network?
    Yes, the Titan X can be configured to work with your local WiFi network. Connect a USB WiFi dongle (not included) to the Titan X. Open the Titan X Setup App and click the "Configure WiFi" button.
SG75 timelapse with Titan X 1.jpg

17-Year Time-lapse of the Singapore Skyline

Our goal is to document the transformation of the Singapore skyline for the next 17 years. This will be a gift to our nation when the country celebrates our 75th birthday in 2040!

Check out the latest images in our Photo Viewer


Password: demo1234

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TBOX by Skyshot

Discover Asia's leading time-lapse & aerial filming company. 


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TBOX Global Reach

Purchase the Titan X online, and we will ship it to you within 3 weeks. TBOX has been sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. Connect to the global community of Tbox users near you.

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