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 Compact, Powerful, Secure

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The new TITAN 3 is a result of deploying over 100 Tbox time-lapse cameras over the last 5 years. Feedbacks and improvements were made by our time-lapse specialist and community to create the best time-lapse camera system.

CLEARER BIGGER GLASS scratch resistant & hydrophobic coating allow for use in any environment. The diameter has been increased to 96mm to accommodate more lenses.

BUILT-IN REMOTE UNIT - integrated microprocessor with WiFi /3G/4G remote access. Cooling fins are added for better heat dissipation. 


AIR VENTS  - with particle filtration allows for the internal regulation of heat in a high-temperature environment


Titan3-timelapse for canon sony nikon ca

Time-lapse with Canon, Sony & Nikon Cameras

TITAN 3 Basic works with most Canon, Nikon & Sony cameras including popular DSLRs & mirrorless systems like the Canon 80D, 5D, Nikon D3500, D750, and the Sony Alpha A7 series. Check out the list of supported cameras. 

TITAN 3 Camera Fit

TITAN 3 fits most cameras and lenses within the internal box dimension of 160mm x 180mm x 230mm. Large enough to house a full-frame camera like the Canon 5D with a 16-35mm lens. The maximum lens diameter is 96mm, 

PLUS SIZE for big lens

Wanna fit your favorite big wide-angle big lens? The TITAN 3 PLUS is an extension ring that caters to lens diameter of up to 110mm.


titan vs titan plus size compare - timela
Titan3 timelapse camera heavy_rain_showe

Weather Proof

Made from the Pelican case, the TITAN 3 will withstand years of sun, sand, and storms. We have used the Titan on many projects lasting 3 to 5 years. Rest assured, your camera & lens will be safe inside. 

Titan3 keeps cool.png

Stay Cool

Desert hot temperature is a killer for electronics. TITAN 3 has 2 air vents and a large heat sink to keep the microprocessor and camera functioning properly under extreme weather. 

Titan3 timelapse wifi sim.png

WiFi & 4G Enabled

The TITAN 3 is WiFi and SIM Card enabled so you can connect to it remotely, from a desktop or mobile through cellular or WiFi signals. 

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No Monthly Fees

Some of our competitor's time-lapse cameras systems require your footage to be synced & stored in their servers. This comes with a hefty monthly subscription fees that will add up very quickly for long-term time-lapse projects. TITAN 3 can be synced to Google Cloud, which is a safe and affordable storage alternative.

titan3 timelapse- cloud data.jpg

Live Monitoring & Remote Control

With the TITAN 3 REMOTE, you can "watch" your time-lapse live in action, and remotely adjust your camera settings instantly. Login from a PC or Mac, or a mobile device - anytime, anywhere. 

Instant Storage & Access to Photos

TITAN 3 REMOTE is initially configured to sync to your Google Cloud for image storage. Download the images to your computer for backup and post-production.  Share the images with your clients instantly. Other sync and upload options are available on request.

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titan3 timelapse- remote access.jpg
Titan3 timelapse camera 4K.jpg

Future Proof with 6K & Beyond

Other time-lapse systems record with CCTV or webcam resolution. But TITAN 3 is future proof because it works with Canon DSLRs to capture high-resolution photos to produce awesome 6K videos and beyond.
Read - Why is 4K a must for long-term time-lapse

3 Data Storage Points

With most long-term time-lapse lasting several years, protecting your precious images is paramount. The captured images are kept in the TITAN 3 micro-processor and synced to your Google Cloud. Next, you can download the images to your local storage for your secondary backup. 

titan 3 timelapse - 3 points of storage.
titan3 timelapse- solar panel.jpg

Light & Efficient Solar Panels

We provide the latest mono-crystalline solar panels that are semi-flexible and lightweight. This allows for easier installation on site. The 2 x 40W panels require about 4 to 6 hours of sunlight every day to keep the TITAN 3 running 24/7. In case of prolonged bad weather, the battery unit can last 4 days without charging.

Universal Mounting System

TITAN 3 uses a uniform mounting bracket for the time-lapse camera, solar charger & solar battery unit. The bracket is adaptable for column mount, pole mount, and wall mount. So you spend less time worrying about installation and more time making great time-lapse videos.

TITAN 3 Basic - AC

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TITAN 3 Basic - Solar

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Solar Unit


TITAN 3 Remote - AC

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TITAN 3 Remote - Solar

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Solar Unit


Titan 3 timelapse-AC icon.png
Titan 3 timelapse-solar icon.png
Titan 3 timelapse-AC icon.png
Titan 3 timelapse-remote icon.png
4G / WiFi
Remote Unit
Titan 3 timelapse-solar icon.png
Titan 3 timelapse-remote icon.png
4G / WiFi
Remote Unit
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TBOX by Skyshot

Discover Asia's leading time-lapse & aerial filming company. 


TBOX Global Reach

Purchase the Titan 3 online and we will ship it to you within 3 weeks. TBOX has been sold more than 20 countries worldwide. Connect to the global community of Tbox users near you.

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