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6 Reasons Why Time-lapse is Good Business: Make $120K a Year with Titan X.

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Since Skyshot ventured into the time-lapse business in 2013, we have generated over US$1.3 million from long-term time-lapse projects. It has proven to be a lucrative business for us. So if you are a media professional or company looking to expand your services, here are six reasons why you should consider long-term time-lapse filming.

Time-lapse Cameras Generate Passive Income

One of the most significant advantages of time-lapse cameras is their ability to generate income without your constant physical involvement. Unlike other cameras that require you to be present as an operator, the time-lapse camera function autonomously. Currently, we have around 40 time-lapse cameras taking photos for projects across Singapore. The time-lapse cameras take photos every 10 minutes and send them via 4G to our secured server. The server stores the photos and sends a copy of the original high-res photos to our client's Google Cloud account. Our clients can view the images online with the photo viewer app. If the camera is down, we get an alert on our phones. We charge around $800 per month per camera. Most long-term projects last around 4 years, so that works out to around $50,000 of profit from 1 camera. This is how we make money from long-term time-lapses.

Time-lapse is often used to document high-value projects.

High Demand in Construction, Maritime, and Oil & Gas Industries

Time-lapse services are highly sought after in the construction, engineering, maritime, and oil & gas sectors, where multi-million-dollar projects are commonplace. The more complex a project is, the longer it takes to complete and the more budget it demands. Stakeholders often want to document the process, making time-lapse services the perfect solution for capturing high-resolution, future-proof images. Additionally, larger projects may require multiple cameras, further increasing your earning potential.

Project Delays and Overruns Mean More Revenue

In our ten years of experience filming hundreds of time-lapse projects, we've found that projects rarely finish on time. While this may be frustrating for clients, it's excellent news for time-lapse professionals, as the longer a project runs, the more revenue it generates. Clients are unlikely to halt time-lapse coverage before a project's completion, as doing so would negate the value of the entire time-lapse.

Filming services are often required in time-lapse projects.

Time-lapse Services Open Doors to Other Filming Opportunities

Time-lapse projects often lead to other filming opportunities, such as drone filming, progress photography, virtual reality (VR) filming, safety videos, launch videos, and event videos. By offering time-lapse services, you can expand your portfolio and tap into a broader range of clients and projects.

Long-term Stability for Your Business

Securing multiple long-term time-lapse projects can create a stable, healthy business with a consistent monthly income. This level of financial stability is something many media professionals aspire to achieve. Like any passive income venture, it takes time and patience to build, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Time-lapse Cameras for Every Budget

There is a time-lapse camera to suit every budget, from Brinno and Tbox to Evercam. We recommend the middle ground option, the Titan X. It offers the best value for its exceptional quality and competitive pricing. To learn more about these options, check out our comparison video, which highlights the features and benefits of each.

In conclusion, the time-lapse business offers numerous advantages, from passive income generation to diverse filming opportunities and financial stability. By investing in the right equipment and honing your skills, you can build a lucrative and rewarding career in the time-lapse filming industry. Contact us and learn more about Tbox Titan X time-lapse cameras and Skyshot time-lapse filming services.

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